Working in the world of a fashion, beauty, entertainment, commercial and of course my lovely brides, I’m always asked the most wonderful and interesting "Frequently Asked Questions".  Some are just simple and others are heartfelt, mind-blowing and just plain ol’ funny.  And my distinctive laugh always creeps to the surface.  So here are a few that I wanted to share:

1.  When should I book you for my wedding?  ASAP!  Dates are booked year round and are gone 6-12 months in advance.  Okay, how?  To book me is quite easy.  Select the Book Your Date tab to begin the online booking process.  There's a 50% non-refundable retainer to hold the date, which is 50% of your full total (which includes yourself and those you’ve placed on the contract, meeting the 4 adult minimum).

2.  I’m getting married in another state, do you travel?  All the time!  The "Stunning Bride" package accommodates brides for any destination wedding when hiring our services.

3.  Do you have a minimum?  Yes.  My minimum number of people to service is 3 adults (which includes the bride). Bridal makeup lessons are available to those who can’t meet this requirement.  If the minimum can not be met an additional $30 applies.

4.  Is it required that I do a trial run (consultation)?  All packages (for the bride) include a 45-90 minute trial run at 320 W. Benson Street in the Reading Bridal District.  If a trial run is schedule before booking your wedding date, the cost is $75 and will be applied toward your balance upon booking.

5.  What are your rates?  There are various packages available to the bride, bridal party, mothers and more.  Visit the Book Your Date tab for more information.

6.  How long will my makeup last?  The products and techniques I use have true longevity, and have been tested to meet those requirements.  The only thing that will need touched-up is lipstick or gloss, in addition to having pressed powder and/or blotting tissues on hand to take the shine off of the sides of your nose, middle of the forehead and chin.

7.  Do you sometimes skip using airbrush?  Of course.  Airbrushing is my #1 preference from major of our brides, but if a client would rather I not use it, then having makeup applied traditionally is not a problem.  But for longer wear I'll do both.  Other times a professional decision will be made to not to airbrush on skin types that have fine lines & wrinkles, dry or someone with sever acne.

8.  Will I have to come to you?  For the trial run (consultation), yes.  But on the day of your wedding, no.

9.  Can anyone make a payment towards my account other than myself the bride?  Yes.  If you'd like for your bridesmaids, family members or friends with the ability to make a payment towards your account, please have them contact Chenese directly via email chenesebean@gmail.com

10.  Do you offer discounts?  Special offers and discounts are only available sparingly and will be noted on the website, in email campaigns and social media (Instagram and Facebook) outside of the Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday seasons.  Gift Certificates sales begin November 1 and ends January 1.  A 10% military discount may be applied towards one service along with valid military ID, upon approval. 

11.  I’m in need of a hairstylist for my wedding.  Who would you recommend?  Click here to view various hair stylists that I suggest you use.

12.  Are false eyelashes included with makeup application?  Most definitely!  However, not everyone would like them so they are also optional. 

13.  What type of makeup do you use?  Between Chenese and the assistant artists she uses, kits may vary per individual including products from the following companies:  Bobbi Brown, MAC, Urban Decay, KETT, Smashbox, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, (YSL), Stila, Anastasia Beverly Hills and much more.

14.  Why is the Book Your Date section password protected?  Great question.  To ensure the privacy of all our clients and the information needed to provide, this page is protected by a frequently changing password for serious bookings only.

15.  Where should makeup be done the day of the wedding?  Daylight is the best light when applying makeup.  So on the the day of the wedding, please designate an area in your home, hotel or bridal suite that's well lit with daylight, turning off ALL interior lighting. And a table with adequate space prepared and cleaned off ahead of time for Chenese to work on.  Click here to get Glam Day 411 for more information as to what Chenese and her makeup artist(s) will need.


FUN FAQ's...

1.  Chenese how old are you for real, you look really young to have done makeup for so long?  OMG,  you wouldn’t believe how many times I’m asked this question, and when I give the answer people gasp in amazement… I’m 45!

2.  How did you get started?  Actually there were many roads that led to where I am today and of course I had a really bad passion for makeup when I was a teenager and got on many punishments to prove it.   Man did I drive my mother crazy.  So of course as I got older I would always got compliments on how my makeup looked.  But one day some friends of mine asked me to join them in auditioning to be an extra in a music video.  So I did and we all made the cut.  Asked to be on set camera ready, I beat the heck out my face (that’s a makeup artist term meaning I glammed it out like crazy).  Anyway the director kept giving me compliments on it asking if the makeup artist they had on set did it as if he was giving her all the credit of a good job and I looked at him like “what/who” more like dumbfounded if you will.  And said no I did!  He looked liked at me and gave me the “wow” eyebrow raise.  But once I walked past the makeup station I just about passed out…seriously my legs got numb for a quick second.  From there I went back to that same director asking all kinds of questions in between set takes and got an ear full of information each time, and he really didn’t mind.  From there I studied, practiced on just about everyone, friends, family members, my daughter who was only 5 at the time and I even gave ambush makeovers to strangers on the street.  And a year later in 1997 that’s when I  later trained & worked as a freelance artist with over 5 cosmetic companies, had a personal professor in theater that gave me private sessions and so much more to be educated and here I am today carrying the “makeup artist” title!  And in 2007 that’s when I focused heavily on my marketing exposure in the bridal industry.  It took me years to perfect and it had to be done right.