Makeup Artist Appointment Details


Thank you for booking an appointment, please read the following details below.


  • A fresh clean and makeup free face.

  • For best results, please schedule an eyebrow appointment with your stylist or esthetician 1-3 days beforehand.

  • Photo(s) of your desired makeup look. If you need help, here’s a link to my Pinterest boards

  • If there’s a specific brand/product (foundation, blush, eye shadow, lip stick, false eyelashes, etc.) that you love, wear regularly and desire to have, please let me know what they are because I may not have it and/or bring them with you.

  • If you have sensitive skin or allergies, please inform me of products or ingredients in them that could cause a reaction.

    For Bridal Consultations/Trial-Run
    In additional to everything listed above, feel free to bring photos, fabric and/or color swatches of your wedding colors, gown, veil or headpiece.

A one-on-one appointment done at our location. Please allow 60 minutes for this appointment, however makeup application may only take 30-45 minutes. And 90 minutes when adding a hair stylist. Arriving early will not expedite this appointment and can wait in the lobby until the time listed above. If you are 15+ minutes late, your appointment is immediately cancelled and would need to be rescheduled. 

8918 Reading Road, Suite 103. Entrance located in the rear of building. For security, select our suite on the buzzer for entry.

8918 Reading Road, Suite 103. Entrance located in the rear of building. For security, select our suite on the buzzer for entry.

If you are bringing a guest, please limit it to one person. No, they will not be able to stand around and watch during the time of being serviced, but he/she can view the final results once done with the ability to give opinions at that point. Children are not permitted.

Street parking available. For directions visit

When traveling to a client, we bring the studio to you! A fully stocked makeup kit, chair, lighting, table and music will be set up quickly and professionally. Please have an area in your home, hotel room or venue meeting space clean, ready and waiting before arrival. If not, this can prolong the appointment by an extra 10-15 minutes. Makeup and/or hair setup may take 10-15 minutes.

Daylight is the best light when it comes to makeup application, so a well lit room would be the perfect area to get beautified in. If no daylight is available, a professional makeup light will be used. 

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you!

ps. no phones are allowed during glam time. Being on your phone causes distractions which can prolong the appointment. Talking, texting, being on social media, etc. can be done afterwards or used if an emergency.