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Selfie 101!


Who doesn’t love a good self photo a.k.a. “selfie” especially us girls. When you look good (especially after getting your makeup done), you feel good so why not capture it in a photo. Or if you’re like me 20 photos… LOL! Here’s a few tips & tricks in achieving the perfect selfie.

Model: Kiara Jackson / Makeup By: Chenese Bean

  • ANGLES: hold your phone in your hand and extend you arm all the way out. Keep the phone at an angle slightly titled towards you. Don’t hold the phone straight on because that can make your face appear wider.

    Speaking of angle, also find your best side. Turn your face slightly to the left or right and find which photo looks the best and that’s how you find your best angle. Which also means that’s the side you should pose in the most.

  • BACKGROUND:: pay attention to the details behind you. Don’t be shy to move or remove things around. The background is just as important, show where you are but make sure it’s clean and please no toilets…LOL!

  • HAVE FUN: do different types looks, smiles, serious face, sexy face, air kisses or the popular fish face… LOL! Once you achieve your best one share it with your friends and post on social media.

  • CLEAN YOUR LENS: a clean lens makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos. So always wipe off your front and back lens to keep them from look fuzzy or blurry. It’ll be hard sometimes to remember but once you get like me, it’ll become a habit each time you pick up your phone. Just use a dry tissue and wipe the lens clean, refrain from using your fingers. The oils in your fingers will just make it worse.

  • LIGHTING: this is the most important step. Just like makeup application, the same applies with selfies and as I always say “daylight is the best light”. And it’s a bit gloomy (overcast) outside that even better.

    Stand or sit with your face and body facing the window. And let the sunlight glow off of your face. If you stand with your “back” facing the window it will actually make your photo dark and unattractive.

Need a little more help? Here’s a fun video from Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix that goes into further detail in capturing the perfect selfie.