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Pink Friday & Shop Small!

Stop by the studio in the Reading Bridal District November 25 & 26 11am-3pm for our Pink Friday and Small Business Saturday events.  207 W.  Benson St.  Cincinnati, OH 45215

Come for additional discounts, food, music and socializing.

Look for the "pink door"!

Maternity Shoot Makeup!

Araceli Salas is expecting in a few months but before the baby arrives she decided to have a maternity photo shoot on August 10, 2016 with her photographer Clare Liming of Clare Liming Photography .  One of my vendor neighbors in the Reading Bridal District.  

I'm excited to see how her photo shoot turns out!

Below are a few photos from her in-studio appointment with me along with a list of products I used to create the look she requested*.


With the camera flash "on"!  


With the camera flash "off"!


Products used: 

(These products can be purchased at Sephora and Ulta


*Here's a photo Araceli found on Pinterest. Wanting to capture this look, minus the dramatic false lashes. I got pretty close huh? 😍


Tip Of The Day

Buying makeup for yourself can be confusing, whether it's from a department store or drug store.  But wondering how long you keep it can be another.  Well here's a tip... some cosmetics companies will actually illustrate on the back of the packaging how long they're suggestion the products shelf life is. In the photo below Maybelline is saying the shelf life for this mascara is 6 months!  


Here's a list of how long to keep certain beauty products:

  • Mascara*: 3-6 months
  • Eyeliner* (Liquid & gel):   3 months
  • Foundation (Liquid): 6-12 months
  • Concealer:  6-12 months
  • Lip Gloss:   1 year  
  • Eyeliner (Pencils):   2 years
  • Powder Products (eyeshadow, blush, foundation):  2 years  
  • Lipstick:   2 years
  • Nail Polish:  2 years

*If not used everyday, stop continuation of use (and replace) at 6 months!  Extended use of expired products, especially around the eyes can cause irritation and infections. 


Here's a few more examples. Sometimes the icon is small and can be hard to see. Or a bit larger and extremely visible.  

Bronzer in "Laguna" by   NARS  .  24M = 24 Months

Bronzer in "Laguna" by NARS.  24M = 24 Months

Foaming face cleanser by   Caudalie .   18M = 18 Months

Foaming face cleanser by Caudalie.  18M = 18 Months

Mally Beauty   primer. 18M = 18 Months

Mally Beauty primer. 18M = 18 Months

Radio Interview!

This past Sunday I had to awesome opportunity to be a guest on "Community Focus".  A special segment that airs on ROU 92.1 and HOT 102.9 in Dayton, Ohio (my hometown) with Faith Daniels.

Community Focus highlights a special guest each week from the Dayton, Ohio area to discuss what the individual or business does but to get the community involved by supporting them.

I had the awesome pleasure to discuss my life as a makeup artist.  A little bit on how I got started and so much more.

Below is an audio clip from the show. Enjoy!